Pedagogues claim Champions League should be changed to Participation Award League

With the final of worlds’ biggest football competition  -the Champions League-  coming right up, pedagogues are campaigning to change the name to Participation Award League. ‘Soccer players have feelings too, and we should acknowledge that’, they claim. But not everybody agrees with this statement. New York Times contributor Betty Berdan states in her opinion piece: ‘Trophies should be given out for first, second and third; participation should be recognized, but celebrated with words and a pat on the back rather than a trophy.’ There seems to be a real conceivable threat that the change is going to make small little snowflakes out of soccer players.

But when you read the text above again, you’ll see that the story is entirely made up. We didn’t provide any sources or other evidence that supports our claims. We just lured you to our website to show you how easy it is to fool you with outrageous headlines and stupid quotes (which are taken out of context). No-one is claiming that the Participation Award League should be a thing, and probably no-one ever will. Try to do at least a bit of fact-checking before you believe an article like ours ;-)

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