BREAKING: New evidence of Russian collision!!

You won’t believe it!! We’ve got final proof of Russian collision!!

A very reliable source just posted footage on YouTube with undeniable proof!!

Please bear in mind that it’s raw unedited footage and that we are still waiting for a response from the Kremlin, but the footage speaks for itself..

Click on Russia to watch the footage and discover the truth!!


What? Did you really think a website like ours would bring BREAKING news?

Websites that post click-baity headlines often fill their pages with ads, and are making crazy amounts of money. By clicking on unfounded sensational news you contribute to the spread of fake news.

Language can also be an indicator of fake news. In our headline, for example, we used the word collision. But you probably thought we ment collusion. Websites sometimes use these tricks to avoid breaking the law or Facebook policy.

So next time you see breaking news: check the source and the language first!

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