SPAMMERS Are Using This One Dirty Trick To Get More Likes And Comments

Like and type ‘amen’ to make it stop!

Facebook and other big social networks like it when their users keep coming back day after day.  So it is in their best interest to show everyone who uses their platform exactly the sort of things they like most so they keep coming back for more.  Some guys like their football posts, others are more interested in recipes or fashion tips.  So how do they avoid showing needling patterns to football fans and Nascar pictures to sweet old ladies?

“Well, I happend to love NASCAR!”

Simple: record what kind of posts individual people like and comment on and then show them more posts from the same types of sources.  Zuckerberg is a lot of things but he’s not dumb and he has built up a huge database of who likes what.

So if you are an internet scammer wanting to get more people to see your posts on Facebook how would you screw with this?  Easy: get people to like and comment on some posts on your page and your other posts will also start showing up in their timelines.

But how do you get people to like/comment on some posts?  Couldn’t be simpler: like and comment farming is your answer.  Just ‘seed’ a few non-controversial, feel-good posts in some random groups or other pages you control and write them in such a way that they invite likes, shares and comments.

“Like+Share if you like puppies!”

“How many upvotes for this brave veteran/sick child/righteous protester?”

“Type ‘amen’ if you agree that…”

(You get the picture)

Write it well enough and a stampede of likes, shares and comments will follow.  Now all you have to do is round up the cattle and start milking them by selling them stuff or getting them to click on ads via your other posts that now appear in their timeline.

Don’t be part of the herd, don’t fall for these tricks.  You are not a cow!


And thanks for reading all the way to the end.  Type “moo!” in the comments on Facebook if you got this far!

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