JUST IN: You Won’t Believe Who Is Scrambling In Full Panic Mode After The Shocking Truth Is Revealed

Washington D.C. — BOOM!  What a bombshell. They’ll never recover from this one, clearly it is all over now.  Panic has set in over Washington after it went down on live television.   Shut down in just one amazing stroke.  Who would have expected this one little thing to happen?  They got blindsided completely and never saw it coming.

D.C. insiders are still reeling after the announcement was dropped without warning.  All hell truly broke loose, it was awesome to watch their shocked reactions as all these awful, disgusting and heartbreaking things were fully exposed for all to see.  They completely lost it when they got called out in a brutally humiliating way in an on-air meltdown of epic proportions.

Finally an investigation that delivered the goods.  No longer can the media ignore it thanks to the stunning move that was just pulled.  It was the surprise of a lifetime for many who hadn’t been paying attention.  This shocker has them running scared after a major blow that will end them for a lifetime.

Things just went nuclear with this bold initiative, this will break them completely.  It was the perfect response to those just running their mouths disrespecting everything we hold sacred: this epic comeback effectively silenced them for good.  They embarassed themselves by letting everyone see them for the worthless shills they are.

You won’t believe how they responded immediately after being busted.  “This is bad folks”, an official was overheard saying according to sources.  But fortunately their reaction backfired immediately.   The simple fact that it failed miserably has them furious with anger right now.

Check below the video for the full rundown of what happened… [DETAILS]

Did all the above sound familiar?  And are you not really sure which Washington scandal this is even about?  That’s okay, we aren’t sure either.  We just lifted some random words and phrases from some real hyperpartisan political clickbait websites in order to write the ultimate political clickbait story.

Many sites (often not even based in the United States) will happily take any news report about anything happening in American politics and turn it into “shocking” or “breaking” news by using very loaded language.  Congresswoman X pointing out a small issue with a proposed bill from Congressman Y during a speech on C-SPAN?  That becomes:

“Congresswoman X DESTROYS Y On Live Television! [Details]”.

While it may feel good to like and share such stories on social media ultimately it helps nobody but the scam artists running these websites.  And eventually it will hurt the credibility of the people who share these stories after their friends and familiy actually click through to all these “bombshells” and find out it is just about some minor drama nobody cares for.

Far better to look up a reliable news source using neutral language and share the story from there.  Save the feelings for the comments.

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Photo credit: Daniel Huizinga

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