Forbidden facts is a fake fake news site that aims to debunk fake news and teach people something about the mechanisms behind it. It was set up during TechCamp Brussels in June 2017 as an experiment to see if the people who like and share fake news online can be reached in a different way.

If you would like to help by contributing articles or being part of team that does the initial ‘seeding’ of the stories, please join our Facebook group: Forbidden Facts Fans or send an email to forbiddenfacts@yesitcan.be.

Forbidden Facts in the news:

This site is trying to teach people about fake news by publishing it

At a technology summit in Brussels, Maarten Schenk had a harebrained idea. “We were brainstorming and thinking about how to reach people who like and share fake news online,” said Schenk, who runs the Lead Stories debunking site in Belgium.

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