They Did Not Expect This One Detail To Be Released In The JFK Files. Now It’s Too Late…

Even NPR had to report on it:

“The government is due to release Thursday more than 3,000 files about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

The files would be the last to be released by the National Archives under a 1992 law that ordered the government to make all remaining documents pertaining to the assassination public.”

Finally, thanks to President Trump they could no longer deny it, and the truth finally came out.


What truth? That various kooky conspiracy theorists will come up with something to lure visitors to their websites so they can get their share of the advertising windfall that is sure to follow.  They will often dress up their articles with quotes and links to mainstream news articles to increase their own credibility (like we did in the intro paragraph, did you notice?) even though the article itself is completely void of actual facts and is entirely made up of speculation and rumors.


Now is the time to be extra sceptical. What are they trying to sell you? Why do they want to convince you of their version of the truth? Don’t believe anything you read just because you agree with it. Ask questions. Verify motives.

The truth is out there!

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