Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy? This Picture Is The Final Proof!

Look closely at this image.  Do you see it yet?  Some people would rather have you didn’t notice the one little detail this image reveals clear as day.  Because it proves one thing without a shadown of a doubt, and you can’t deny it is true anymore.  It really is plain as day and incredibly obvious if you think about it…


People will click anything if it has red circles and some arrows on it.

That’s right.  Many times fake news sites will come up with a vague conspiracy theory by blowing some little detail all out of proportion and making something out of something that isn’t there.  Add in some scary-sounding language about the deep state and the Illuminati and there you have it: ready made clickbait to reel in people to yet another dodgy website.

The fact that you are reading this proves that it works.  But as you see there is no advertising on this site and we are not trying to take advantage of you by opening an endless series of popups.

When tragedy strikes there always are dozens of questions: why did this happen, who did it, what were their motives, who is trying to benefit from it, what are they hiding?  Investigators don’t always have all the answers right away because they have to be very thorough in collecting all the evidence, interrogating all the witnesses and chasing down all the leads.  When they finally go to court their case has to be as tight as possible, leaving no doubt about what really happened.

But people want answers.  And fast.  So unscrupulous people step in and provide them.  Any answer will do, as long as it gets people to visit their website, Youtube channel or Facebook page.  Because that is when they make money.  And that’s no conspiracy theory, that’s fact!


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