Find out which celebrities just spoke out against Harvey Weinstein!

“More and more celebrities are taking to social media to speak out against Harvey Weinstein after allegations emerged that he’s had a history of sexual harassment against women.”

A lot of sites are using viral stories like this one to make some money. They lure you to their websites by posting click-bait headlines on social media. Once you’ll arrive on their website, they want you to stay as long as possible. This is because every link you’ll click, including ‘Read more’ & ‘Next page’ buttons, will send a couple of cents towards their bank accounts.

They will try to hide the answers somewhere in a long post or after a couple of read more buttons and sometimes they’ll provide no answer at all.  They don’t care, as long as you’ve seen the ads on the website or clicked on a couple of links.

Whether Harvey Weinstein is guilty or not. Posts about sexual harassment should not be used to make money. So please, next time, don’t click on a link that raises more questions than answers.. It will lead to dubious websites.

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