Did NFL just fine 5 players 1$ MILLION dollars??!!

Some players thought it would be safe to take a knee. But it was a bad decision. The Commissioner gave a highly anticipated press-conference last night. He talked about “immense disrespect to OUR NATION” and was furious finding out that he couldn’t force players to stand up. The league therefore decided to change their own rules and introduced fines for people who want to sit, kneel or simply lie down during the anthem. But this wasn’t the biggest news of the evening yet…



Because.. Well.. It DIDN’T happen.

You were fooled by this website. But for a good reason.

We want you to know that articles that raise more questions than provide answers are bad news. They want you to click on their links so that they can make money with their advertisements. [as you can see; we are ad-free ;) ]

You clicked this link for a reason. Maybe it just confirms your bias? Or you where tempted to find out who was fined or banned because you need to adjust your fantasy football line-up? It is logical to feel tempted to click on links like this one, but you’ll end up looking like a fool most of the time. So next time, think about it for a couple of seconds and reflect on your decision to click or not.


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