Disgrace! Foreigners Find New Way To Disrespect NFL, Anthem & Stars And Stripes.

WARSZAW, Poland –  From our Eastern European correspondent – As if it weren’t enough that a huge controversy is going on about football players taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games there now is yet another threat to the dignity of our beloved flag and anthem.  It is about time someone put a stop to this!


Unscrupulous foreigners are posting false stories about team owners firing players,  boycotts being started, huge fines being levied against teams or new protests being planned.  They are spreading their messages via various Facebook groups and hope to fool unsuspecting readers into clicking their garbage so they can make a quick buck via advertising.  Don’t support these guys, don’t share their articles unless you are absolutely 100% certain they are real.  Use Google if you have to and maybe check some official team websites first before you let yourself be a victim of these internet hucksters. Don’t just hand over your money by allowing these articles to spread.


Report them to the authorities if you have to. Warn your friends if you love America!  Type ‘Go USA’ in the comments if you agree…

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