Experts: Sanders must pay royalties to Vietnamese government for the term ‘socialism’.

Experts claim that Bernie Sanders has to pay royalties to the Vietnamese government for using the term ‘socialist’.

Senator Bernie Sanders never lied about his political affiliation. “I am a socialist and everyone knows that,” Sanders said, during the election in 1990. “They also understand that my kind of democratic socialism has nothing to do with authoritarian communism.” But now this claim could come back and haunt him.

Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. With an estimated 94.6 million inhabitants as of 2016, it is the world’s 14th-most-populous country, and the ninth-most-populous Asian country. Vietnam is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, Thailand across the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, and the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia across the South China Sea to the east and southeast. Its capital city has been Hanoi since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1976, with Ho Chi Minh City as the most populous city.

Many people refer to the country as Vietnam, but officially its copyright protected name is: Socialist Republic of Vietnam. And now they might be preparing a law suit against Bernie Sanders.

They’ll see him in court!


The court date has been set for never.. Because, this article is a lot of bogus. We wrote this article to show you how easy it is to make people believe in wild stories.. You probably clicked on this link because to thought it was funny, it made you angry, sparked your interest, or is aligned with your political view.

We are sorry to break it to you, but articles that are too crazy to believe, are probably not true! Especially when politicians are involved!

Keep that in mind next time you see a headline like ours ;-)

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