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They Did Not Expect This One Detail To Be Released In The JFK Files. Now It’s Too Late…

Even NPR had to report on it: “The government is due to release Thursday more than 3,000 files about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. The files would be the last to be released by the National Archives under a 1992 law that ordered the government to make all remaining documents pertaining to […]

businesswoman suffering work sexual harassment and abuse of boss

Find out which celebrities just spoke out against Harvey Weinstein!

“More and more celebrities are taking to social media to speak out against Harvey Weinstein after allegations emerged that he’s had a history of sexual harassment against women.” A lot of sites are using viral stories like this one to make some money. They lure you to their websites by posting click-bait headlines on social media. Once you’ll […]


Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy? This Picture Is The Final Proof!

Look closely at this image.  Do you see it yet?  Some people would rather have you didn’t notice the one little detail this image reveals clear as day.  Because it proves one thing without a shadown of a doubt, and you can’t deny it is true anymore.  It really is plain as day and incredibly […]


Did NFL just fine 5 players 1$ MILLION dollars??!!

Some players thought it would be safe to take a knee. But it was a bad decision. The Commissioner gave a highly anticipated press-conference last night. He talked about “immense disrespect to OUR NATION” and was furious finding out that he couldn’t force players to stand up. The league therefore decided to change their own rules and introduced fines for […]


Disgrace! Foreigners Find New Way To Disrespect NFL, Anthem & Stars And Stripes.

WARSZAW, Poland –  From our Eastern European correspondent – As if it weren’t enough that a huge controversy is going on about football players taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games there now is yet another threat to the dignity of our beloved flag and anthem.  It is about […]


Discover Which Trump Cabinet Member Was Just ARRESTED For TREASON! Shame!

WASHINGTON DC – Patriots all over the country are shocked to hear who was just caught betraying our President.  The deep state was able to get really close to reaching its nefarious goals this time but thanks to some very brave and loyal secret service agents the day was saved at the last possible moment.  […]


Facebook soon to be called Фейсбук??!!

Researchers found out that there was a big spike in suspicious adds filling our timelines during the 2017 US elections. Most of these adds can be linked to Russian groups who are trying to establish their world-dominance. They are the ones who are actively trying to destabilise our country and want to incite violence by filling our […]


SPAMMERS Are Using This One Dirty Trick To Get More Likes And Comments

Like and type ‘amen’ to make it stop! Facebook and other big social networks like it when their users keep coming back day after day.  So it is in their best interest to show everyone who uses their platform exactly the sort of things they like most so they keep coming back for more.  Some guys […]


SCAMMERS Are Flooding Facebook With Fake Polls. Do you support this?

Ruthless foreign websites are preying on unsuspecting internet users by luring them with fake polls to adware-infested websites that might harm your computer. Have you ever seen a post on Facebook that asks you if you support or agree with something?  Have you liked or shared such a post without actually visiting the website? STOP […]

EXPOSED: filthy SCAM organisation misleads MILLIONS of innocent hard working civilians

Imagine this: a hard working American citizen struggling to provide for his family. When he goes on social media to kick back and relax after a long day at the plant, something terrible happens. Turns out there are some disgusting criminals out there doing everything they can do deceive working class hero Joe and play […]